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Book Review: Who Let The Gods Out By Maz Evans

By: Kyra Behl

Hear from one of our passionate young readers!

Who let the gods out? Who? Who? Who? Oh wait, I hope you are not humming the famous song (of a similar name) because I am talking about the phenomenal book Who Let the Gods Out by Maz Evans, the first novel in a trilogy of the same name. This book is based on Greek mythology, and follows the life of a young boy named Elliot who encounters demi-gods, as well as Zeus the God of lightning, and even the Queen of England! All because of one deadly and priceless mistake which can’t be undone! 

The demi-god Virgo’s job is ever so simple to do on Planet Earth. They have a quest to deliver some special items from the gods to ‘PRISINOR 42’ (AKA Thanatos) a treacherous, diabolical demon banished for a lifetime by Zeus. When Virgo lands on an unknown farm that belongs to Elliot, they both go to a underground cave where they finally meet Thanatos. Due to one of his tricks, they accidently release Thanatos, who kickstarts his 250 years of revenge and then the world is truly in great danger! 
In parts of the book, I could really see myself in some of the decisions and emotions of Elliot. And Virgo, besides being my star sign, is one of my preferred characters in the book too. Elliot is very enthusiastic when it comes to trying or discovering something new, especially meeting the Gods. But he also really needs help and some support to take care of his mother as she is sick and has signs of dementia. Throughout the book, I would feel very sympathetic towards Elliot and I could relate to how he felt agitated and anxious when he was in tough situations! 
My favorite quote in the book is "I am Virgo, constellation of the zodiac council and guardian of the stationary cupboard. And you are? Elliot replies 'I am Elliot and what the heck are you doing in my shed!'" because meeting a demi-god or a zodiac council member is not an everyday affair for a human-being! 
As an avid reader, I am a regular attendee of the Emirates LitFest, so when I was recommended to attend the author’s session and read the book, I knew I had to try it. Besides that, I really found the book intriguing and it brought out my curiosity! Also, from a personal aspect, I feel Maz Evans did a brilliant job introducing Elliot and what Greek mythology is all about! With the lockdown announced last year, the time really inspired me to try something new and I don’t regret it at all! Being a first-time reader within the Greek mythology genre, I truly found my perfect read for the summer. 
I have plenty of friends who are die-hard fans of Percy Jackson which is undoubtedly why I recommended this series. Reading it makes me keen to read Percy Jackson and review it too, as it has similar themes. So I’m sure it would be great read too. This really shows how good of a job Maz Evans has done, because besides creating an enjoyable story, she has also made me want to try other series within the genre, like Percy Jackson
Going forward, I would definitely recommend this book. I know you must be thinking: what in the world is going to happen next? And does Elliot’s life change after coming against a demon and the gods? Well, you'll have to read to find out! Have a wonderful and relaxing read! 
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Kyra Behl is a student at the Repton School, Dubai. She's interested in writing, golf, and playing the piano, having even self-published a collection of short stories. She has also represented her school in many concerts and tournaments, including playing at the prestigious Dubai Opera. She's fond of reading books, especially the crime fiction genre.