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Meet The Team: Ariel Robinson

By: Ariel

What book has made an impact on you and why?
It’s cliche to say but the Harry Potter series probably has had the biggest impact on me and was what got me in to the fantasy genre generally. There is definitely a nostalgia aspect too because I remember reading the books at night, staying up and just not being able to put it down. I also remember strongly Bellatrix Lestrange killing my favourite character in the series and I was a bit too upset.

What is your favourite quote and why?
“I go to seek a great perhaps,” were the last words of poet Francois Rabelais and it was mentioned a few times in Looking for Alaska by John Green, one of my favourite books ever. It has different interpretations in the book so I like it because it’s all about perspective.

Who is your favourite literary character and why?
Kaz Brekker from the Grishaverse series by Leigh Bardugo is one of my favourite literary characters and I’m not entirely sure why. He’s smart, cunning, someone I would pick to be with if I was stranded on a desert island. Give me a morally grey character and I will probably love them.


Do you read more than one book at a time?  
Not usually! Sometimes I can read fiction and non-fiction at the same but that’s only if both are amazing.

Do you dog-ear pages or use a bookmark?
I dog-ear proudly or use a receipt that is around.

Audio books or physically reading?
I like to physically have the book in my hand.

How many books do you currently have in your To Be Read pile?
After checking my Goodreads account, 112!